If you are interested in joining NAMI Albuquerque or your membership is up for renewal, you may email for assistance or click the join button below to register online.

What does Membership Cost?

  • A Household or Family membership costs $60 per year, but only allows the household one vote;
  • An Individual or Regular membership costs $40 per year and allows the individual one vote;
  • An Open Door membership of $5 is offered to those who are economically disadvantaged and allows the individual one vote.

When you join NAMI Albuquerque, not only do you become a member of the Albuquerque affiliate, you also become a member of NAMI New Mexico and NAMI National.

People join NAMI Albuquerque for a variety of reasons. Some are looking for support and education to help in their own recovery. Others join because someone they love has a mental illness and they need support or want to learn better ways to help their loved one. Yet, orthers join as allies to help bring awareness and advocacy about mental health conditions.

When You Join NAMI Albuquerque, You Will Find

  • A network of friends who care and understand. We welcome peers, parents, relatives, friends, and allies who share in a desire to help with the challenges of living with mental illness.
  • Support groups to help you take care of yourself and your family.
  • Classes that help education peers and family about mental illness.
  • Opportunities to advocate for improving and expanding services and facilities.

What does Membership Cost?

There are three levels of membership:

  • The “Household” (Family) is $60 annually;
  • The Standard membership category is called “Individual/Regular” and costs $40 annually;
  • Open Door memberships are available for $5 annually for any individual member with limited financial resources.

If your membership is up for renewal and you want to add another year to your current membership, or you want to join as a new member, you can visit: to update your membership and pay membership dues.